Welcome to the Guadalupe River Park

Guadalupe River Park & Gardens is a three-mile ribbon of park land that runs along the banks of the Guadalupe River in the heart of downtown San Jose from Highway 880 at the north, to Highway 280 at the south. It is a resource of regional importance to the people of Santa Clara County and the Bay Area. In the dense urban environment of downtown San Jose, the trails, parks and plazas of the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens not only serve to enjoy and preserve natural ecology, they offer residents and visitors a multitude of ways to recreate, relax, discover and enjoy.

Guadalupe Gardens

Stop and smell the roses, there’s 3,700 varieties to choose from in the Heritage Rose Garden. See the fruit trees that put this valley on the map in the Historic Orchard. Explore the latest in drought tolerant landscaping in the Courtyard Garden. Or cultivate your own plot in the Guadalupe Community Garden.

Hiking and Biking Trails

The Guadalupe River Park’s trails are more than just paved pedestrian areas. They are easily reached, accessible to all, suitable for commuting and for strolling, and they form critical links to trail systems that connect Bay Area communities, jobs, entertainment, recreation, the shoreline, and the mountains. The trails along the Guadalupe River Park, collectively called the River Walk, are a part of the Guadalupe River Trail Corridor and one of the most distinctive features of the park. They are designed to provide access to the river at various points, and generally pass under bridges to avoid at-grade street crossings. Some sections meander in close proximity to the river, while others are held to the top of the bank to avoid too much damage to the river’s ecology.

Public Art and Landmarks

There are numerous examples of public art throughout the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens. These include Roan Victor’s “Flow of Life” Mural on the Woz Way overcrossing, Tony Ridder’s Shoes, and the Parade of Animals in Discovery Meadow, the Veteran’s Memorial and a tribute to the Ohlone/Muwekma people along the Park Avenue Bridge, Remembering Agriculture, in recognition of the agricultural history of the Santa Clara Valley on the south side of Santa Clara Street (at the river), and the Five Skater’s Artpiece in Arena Green.


The River Park contains a multitude of fauna ranging from hawks to skunks, to Chinook salmon! We have birds, fish, and small mammals aplenty for wildlife enthusiasts or just a nice surprise as you take a stroll down the trail.

Our Park at the Confluence of Our City and River

Trails, events, tennis courts, and lookouts surrounded by downtown San Jose’s distinct landmarks