Education Internships

Are you a high school student, college student, or adult looking to make a longer-term commitment to helping the GRPC? Join our Education Intern team!

Education Internships at the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

We view Education Internships as a partnership – ideally, your internship will help you just as much as it helps us!

We ask the following of our interns:

  • Interns must be at least 16 years old.
  • Interns should commit to at least six months regular service at the GRPC.
    • Alternatively, interns can arrange to complete a special project at the GRPC.
  • Interns that work with children have special requirements.
  • Interns should be responsible and open to communication.

Does that sound like you? If so, read on to learn about our current Education Internship opportunities!

Please note: we have a small staff and want to make sure internships are meaningful to you and helpful to our organization. Reach out at any time, but please be patient if we aren’t able to immediately begin working on your project.

App Development

The GRPC has a wonderful app, created by a former intern, which we use to monitor Animal Care tasks and needs. Now that she has gone off to college, we are seeking a motivated intern to update and maintain the app for us! This task can be done mostly from home or entirely from our Visitor Center, and would require a time commitment of ~8 to 10 hours per month, including time to learn and study the code. Our former intern is willing to meet with you via teleconferencing to “introduce you” to the app, so this is a great project for someone excited to learn!

Java Programming (completion of the AP Computer Science course in high school or an equivalent college course/internship experience)

  • object-oriented programming (classes, objects, methods, polymorphism, inheritance, abstractions)
  • data structures (arrays, lists, hashmaps)
  • conditional logic (if/else, switch case, boolean operators)

Optional, but helpful:
Android Development (recommended)

  • proficiency in Android Studio IDE
  • graphic design of app views/pages
  • knowledge of frequently used libraries (Snackbar, Log, Color, TextView, Toast, Layout, etc.)

Google Firebase (recommended)

  • Cloud Firestore integration with Android Studio
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Downloading/uploading data (key-value pairs), image files

GitHub Version Control (recommended)

  • Basic knowledge of how to commit/push/pull/merge files to insure the code

If you are interested, please email for next steps. In your email, please include how you have gained experience with Java Programming.