San Jose Heritage Rose Garden

Open daily from dawn to dusk, no admission charge. The Heritage Rose Garden is maintained by the South Bay Heritage Rose Group and Guadalupe River Park Conservancy volunteers every Saturday morning.

Adopt a Rose

The Adopt-a-Rose program in the Heritage Rose Garden allows individuals to adopt a rose for a donation of $50 (without a gift package) or $75 (with a gift package), and provides for a plaque to be placed in front of the rose with a personal inscription from the donor. You can adopt a rose at any time of the year. Payment can be complete online, over the phone, or via check. Please call us at 408-298-7657 or email with any questions.


How to Adopt a Rose:

1.) Thank you for your interest in our Adopt a Rose program! First start by finding available roses on the Rose Catalog site or by clicking on the Browse the Rose Catalog button below.

2.) Please choose a rose with an empty adoption expiration or an expiration date that is 4+ years expired (November 2020 or older).

3.) Visit our donate page and click on the Adopt a Rose option and proceed to fill out the form.  Your donation is good for the year and goes towards the maintenance and upkeep of the Heritage Rose Garden plus a plaque with your personal inscription. For an extra you can gift (or keep) a little box of rose-themed goodies.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for inscriptions to be made and placed on a plaque.