San Jose Heritage Rose Garden


The Heritage Rose Garden is maintained by the South Bay Heritage Rose Group and Guadalupe River Park Conservancy volunteers every Saturday morning. The Heritage Rose Garden is open daily from sunrise to sunset free of charge.

Learn more about reinvesting into the Heritage Rose Garden in anticipation of the 30th anniversary in March 2025.

Navigating the Rose Garden

The San Jose Heritage Rose Garden, or the “Sangerhausen of the West,” is an unexpected jewel located in downtown San Jose. The purpose of the rose garden was to provide a safe haven for important rose species and to connect the public with the rare and beautiful flowers. Special emphasis was placed on choosing types of roses that would supplement the Municipal Rose Garden’s collection. 

The criteria for choosing the roses that would be placed in the new garden included:

1. Rose varieties that were in danger of becoming lost or inaccessible
2. Rose varieties whose genes contributed to the best roses ever
3. Rose varieties that were so great that the public should have the opportunity to view them
4. Rose varieties that would become rare in the future