Programs for Groups with Special Needs

Join us for an experience where we can all learn together!

More About Our Programs

Our programs for groups with special needs are unique to the individuals that attend. Our goal is to ensure that we meet the needs of those in attendance, which means we need to learn about them! Before our programs, we will send the teacher or field trip coordinator a questionnaire to gather information about their group so we can develop the program mindfully and keep consistent with classroom expectations.

We understand that participating in a field trip for, sometimes, the first time can be a little scary and triggering. For this reason, we provide materials to teachers ahead of time to help prepare their group for their exciting educational adventure at Guadalupe River Park & Gardens.

Limited scholarships are available in thanks to Yahoo Employee Foundation and Open Space Authority.


If you have specific questions, please reach out to

River Explorers

River Explorers is a hands-on, outdoor program that takes participants down into the river to experience a riparian habitat. Students will learn about the wildlife community at the Guadalupe River and the biological adaptations of certain species.