Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Field Trips

Cost, Payment, & Scholarships

What is the cost of the virtual field trip package?

You can purchase our complete Virtual Field Trip package for $500, a savings of $100!

Virtual Field Trips cost $350 for materials that will provide six to eight hours (four to sixteen weeks!) of Science lesson material. We subscribe to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) best practices including student-led and phenomenon-based learning. Students will be guided to make their own discoveries at their own pace with the park as the center of their inquiry.

What is the cost of the synchronous option?

The synchronous option is optional; if you do not feel it would work for your class, you are welcome to decide to not include a synchronous option. However, we offer the synchronous add-on because we believe that working live with our trained Guadalupe Guides is an invaluable part of the “GRPC experience!” Moreover, live interaction and conversation provides the opportunity for language and executive function skill development.

If you are interested in purchasing the synchronous option, it is available for $250. We include this in the scholarship for the Virtual Field Trip program package.

What is the refund policy?

Virtual Field Trips materials will be released to you within ten business days of your registration and/or payment, unless you wish to receive your field trip at a later date. Non-scholarship groups must pay a non-refundable deposit of $30 when reserving their field trip. If you cancel your field trip after your registration but more than fifteen business days before receiving the materials, you can choose to reschedule to another date at no cost, or to cancel your trip and receive a full refund, minus the $30 deposit. Failure to notify us in a timely manner may also affect your eligibility for future programs and/or scholarships.

Are there scholarships available? If so, what is needed?

Scholarships are available for the full cost of the Virtual Field Trip Program. Scholarships are available for Title One schools; please indicate your Title One status on our registration form when requesting a Virtual Field Trip. After receiving the Field Trip materials, you will be required to submit (1) a feedback form on your Virtual Field Trip experience and (2) at least two examples of student work. Failure to submit these, after receiving reminders, will impact your class’s ability to receive scholarships for future GRPC field trips, including in-person field trips.

Scholarship groups will receive our entire program, though they may opt out of the Synchronous Session if they do not believe it is a good fit for their class or schedule. We are not currently able to offer scholarships for the Synchronous Session only.


When will GRPC return to in-person programming?

The Guadalupe River Park Conservancy recognizes the immense value of students interacting, in person, with the wonderful resource that is our River Park. However, we believe that student safety must come first. We will continue to listen to State and Local guidance, as well as our incredible community of teacher partners, to make the decision as to when field trips can take place onsite again. In the meantime, our Virtual Field Trip brings the park to you!

What platform/s are used?

Our Virtual Field Trip is offered on Google Classroom. Our synchronous option will take place over Zoom.

How long will I have access to the materials?

You will have access to the Virtual Field Trip for at least two months; you will be advised of your ending date when you receive the field trip materials and receive a notice two weeks in advance. Our extension materials are yours to keep! Please reach out to us with any concerns you have.

Are there options for my English Language Learners?

Yes! All lessons have audio instructions recorded in English and Spanish and our worksheets are also offered in English and Spanish. Several videos, including all in our “Tips, Tricks, and Tools” section are also recorded in Spanish. We hope to expand our non-English language offerings as we move forward.

What materials do students need?

Students will need only a device that can connect to an internet, pencil, and paper! We do offer several worksheets, but these have been designed so that students can copy most of them quickly and easily if they lack access to a printer or printed materials. Other beneficial, but not mandatory, materials include colored pencils or markers, headphones, and a hand lens for close inspection of natural objects.

Are there extension activities?

We have extension activities available as a bonus for all field trips! These were designed to complement our in-person field trips, but we believe they are valuable as an extension of our virtual field trips as well. Extension activities are yours to keep.

Does this field trip package support standards?

Our Virtual Field Trips have been made with Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core, and Executive Function Skills in mind. Read more about our standards here: Kindergarten & First GradeSecond & Third GradeFourth & Fifth Grade.

What should I know about this field trip package?

We designed our Virtual Field Trips after many conversations with and feedback from teachers, parents, and educational partners: our lessons are designed to be flexible and fit your classroom schedule; few, if any, materials are needed; we support State Standards and bilingual learners.

Asynchronous Materials

What is included with the field trip package?

Our Virtual Field Trip is offered on Google Classroom; it includes three units, each with two lessons. Our lessons focus on the Guadalupe River Park and its ecosystem, animals, and plants. Two bonus units, one introducing the park and our instructors, and one teaching tips and tricks to better observe and understand the natural world, are also included. The Virtual Field Trip also can include a 30-minute (live) Synchronous Session with a Guadalupe Guide and optional extension materials to continue learning after the field trip is over.

What is the format of the program?

Our Virtual Field Trip is offered on Google Classroom. All lessons include short videos, written and audio instructions, optional worksheets, and guidance to help students complete all activities off the computer. Our worksheets have been designed so that, in most cases, students can very quickly and easily copy them if they lack access to a printer. Our units have been planned with flexibility in mind, so that whether you have twenty minutes per week or an hour a day to dedicate to science, our Virtual Field Trip will fit your schedule. You will have access to the Virtual Field Trip materials for at least two months so that you have time to complete as much of the materials as fits your schedule and curriculum.

Please note that many school districts do not support external sites. Depending on your district’s security and privacy settings, you may have to access your Google Classroom via a personal gmail account. The sharing settings have been adjusted on all Field Trip Material files (audio, video, and worksheets) to allow you to share the materials with students by sharing the links OR by downloading the materials and then sharing them. Unfortunately, we are not able to create sites for each school’s private domain at this time.

What if I can’t access the Google Classroom?

We have created an outline with links to every video, audio file, worksheet, everything! You can access all of our materials by clicking the links on this outline or by copying and pasting them into your web browser.

Live Synchronous Session

Is there a synchronous (live) option?

We are offering a 30-minute live Synchronous Session as an optional addition to our Virtual Field Trip. Your students will be able to enjoy an Animal Encounter, Orchard Tour, or Nature Walk with one of our incredible Guadalupe Guides. While a valuable addition to our Virtual Field Trip, the synchronous option is not mandatory as we recognize that many classes prefer asynchronous learning. This option will be available on select Wednesdays and Thursdays; our staff will reach out to you after your registration to schedule the live option if you so wish.

A la carte synchronous sessions are available for $250.

My school won’t let us use Zoom. Can we still have a live session?

Yes! Simply share your classroom Google Classroom, Webex, or other link with us and we will join your class for your live session. Please note that you are responsible for updating us promptly if your link changes.

What if I still have questions?

Please email us at!